Lighten Up! Tips To Stay Zen During The Holiday Season

Lighten Up! Tips To Stay Zen During The Holiday Season

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I take myself WAY too seriously. I get hyper-immersed in the grind: deadlines, appointments, shopping, cleaning, and other duties + obligations.

Around the holidays can be extra trying.  Often we find ourselves traveling, spending, and eating more than usual.

Due to the nature of our society, we are conditioned to stay busy and keep hustlin’ & bustlin’. However, it’s important to remember that we are human beings, not human doings.  We all inherently know this, but sometimes we stray from our true nature. 

First things first, IT’S OKAY! We are awfully hard on ourselves, so the first step to re-connecting is to forgive ourselves. Feeling bad about sloppy decisions or something we deem “bad,” is never going to help us move toward a better feeling place. 

If you catch yourself feeling overwhelmed or off-track, follow these steps in order to regroup, recharge, and re-align.

1: Forgive Yourself: You are doing the work that needs to be done and bettering yourself each and every day.  You are perfect, exactly as you are. You are right where you need to be.  No matter how “bad” things may seem, trust the journey, embrace the ups and downs, it’s just a ride.

2. Do Something For You: Although giving to others is very important, don’t undervalue the power of giving to yourself.  When you take care of yourself, you can better serve others.  You will only extend that level of  vibration to to others. Would you rather be at your highest vibe? (Love, Peace, Joy, Enlightenment) Or a mediocre or low vibe? (Sadness, Depression, Anger, Apathy) Hopefully it’s the first one 🙂 Take care of you! Set aside at least 20 minutes per day to do something you truly enjoy. Whether it be a hobby, project, bubble bath, or exercise.  Do something that lights your fire and helps you reconnect with your senses.

3. Lighten Up! It’s okay to be serious about achieving excellence in all your endeavors.  Don’t forget, that laughter is the best medicine.  Proven benefits of laughter include: relaxes the entire body, boosts the immune system, protects the heart, burns calories, releases endorphins, lightens anger’s load, may help you live longer. Need I say more?

Take breaks during this busy time of year to re-connect with yourself, stay in alignment, and laugh a little! It’s the season of joy! 

Love & Light



Books That Will Change Your Life Forever

Books That Will Change Your Life Forever

Do you ever wonder what you are doing here?

Do you worry about the future?

Do you question the meaning of life?

Do you have trouble understanding your purpose?

Do you want answers to these questions?

I highly recommend reading the Conversations With God series by Neale Donald Walsch.  My entire life I have been on the quest to finding the answers. I’ve often felt confused and misinformed.  After reading these, my perspective has been forever morphed.  

Even if you do not accept it as the truth, it will definitely help you discover a more defined version of your truth.

Baby Got Color Block

Baby Got Color Block

Call me basic, but a chunky knit sweater, leggings, wool socks, and a knee high boot is still my go-to uniform during the freezing winter months.  It is so easy to put together, is hecka comfortable, and best of all: it’s WARM! To spice it up a bit, I found this amazing color block sweater by Free People. It literally looks like a different outfit from the front + back.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils

Hey babes!  I absolutely love Young Living Essential Oils! They have literally changed my life. I have learned by using the correct oils at the right times, to become more centered and in alignment with who I truly am.

I first learned what essential oils were at a yoga class, the instructor dabbed some sweet orange on our wrists and told us to set an intention for the class.  It was so uplifting and heightened the positive effects of the yoga during, and after the class.  I began researching different types of oils and what they could be used for.  I found out there is literally an oil for everything!

I picked up a few here and there at drugstores, salons, or online.  I continued to fall in love with them as I worked with them more often.  Then during one of our family holidays, I was telling my mother in law about how much I loved diffusing, and using essential oils.  She got super excited and ran to her cabinet and brought back a handful of Young Living Oils.  She was like “You HAVE to try these!.”  She gifted me some starter oils, and their amazing desk reference book.  After that, I joined Young Living with her as my sponsor and have never looked back.

The smell, consistency, and quality is worlds apart from other brands you can  purchase off the shelf at your local supermarket.  I am passionate about using quality oils and want to share this with you!

If you are curious about exploring Young Living click the link below and become a member with me as your sponsor!  I offer three free 1:1 coaching and discovery sessions.  Session one we will get to know each other, session two will focus on your personal wellness goals, and session three I will offer my recommendations based on our previous two sessions.

Become A Young Living Member With Me!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to leave me a message!

Love & Light


Fabulous Canvas

Fabulous Canvas

Gaia by Alex Grey (1989)

Wall art is relatively inexpensive for the amount of change it can produce in a living space.  Lately, I have had the “itch” to change almost every room in our house.  Before making bigger commitments to furniture, paint jobs, floors, etc. I try and spruce things up with accessories. Usually that’s all it takes! Art can also make a great gift, as long as you are close enough with the person/know their taste. Here are a few of the pieces I am currently craving:

Universal Laws 101

Universal Laws 101


The Law of Divine Oneness

The first of the 12 universal laws outlined, is The Law of Divine Oneness. Every idea, thought, word, action, and belief (conscious or subconscious) has a direct impact on others regardless of space and time. Everything is connected.

The Law of Vibration

All matter is energy that vibrates, moves, and travels in spiral shaped patterns. The same concept applies to our non-physical experiences like feelings, desires, thoughts, dreams and will. Everything that we cannot experience with our five senses still has it’s own unique vibrational frequency. The emotional vibration scale can be used to assess your frequency at any given moment based on how you are feeling. Shame, guilt, and fear are the lowest, while love, joy, and enlightenment are the highest.

The Law of Action

This law must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. In order to create the life and physical reality we want, we need to be deliberate in our actions. In other words, our actions must match our words for something to become our reality. If we think, and talk about one thing all day every day, that will not be enough to activate manifestation if we do not do the work to produce the results.

The Law of Correspondence

We are the creator of our own reality. As above, so below.  Our physical reality is a direct reflection of what is going on in our non-physical (inner world). This law teaches us to take responsibility for our own lives and we are only a “victim” if we have put ourselves there through our limited thinking.

The Law of Cause and Effect

This law proves that there are no coincidences. Every action has an equal reaction. You cannot plant a pumpkin seed and grow a fir tree.  If we are constantly planting positive seeds in our minds with positive intentions, and do the inner work, the universe will deliver.

The Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation is an extension of The Law of Cause and Effect which refers to physical abundance, blessings, inheritances, gifts, and money. Any positive compensation is visible proof of the direct and indirect thoughts, words and deeds that we have carried out throughout the course of our lives.

The Law of Attraction

This is perhaps the most well-known law in modern times. It has gained a lot of popularity through media in recent years. It is one of the easiest laws to understand, but can be one of the most difficult to utilize to our advantage. We create  the experiences, people and physical things that come into our lives.  The energies of our thoughts, words, and emotions cue the universe to send us these things in return.

“Like attracts like.” Therefore, positive vibrational energy will always attract positive energy in return.  Negotiate vibrational energy will always attract negative energy.  Even if you do not want negativity into your life, if you are focused upon the “glass half empty” side of things, that’s what you will get.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” We can all utilize this law for the greater good of all just by simply focusing on what we want instead of what we do not want.

“What we resist, persists.”  The more resistance we have toward a situation, energy is also amplified and increases the chances and speed of that unwanted thing coming toward us.  Rather than resisting, it is best to become neutral about unwanted situations and they will never come your way.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This law is extremely powerful. No energy is permanent,  so as definite as a situation may seem to us, we have the power to change it at any time.  Higher vibrating energy can and will consume and transmute lower ones.  By understanding vibrational energies and universal laws, we can be empowered to move forward into every moment with peace, and assurance that everything will work out exactly as we have intended. We are light beings with capabilities far beyond our realization. Utilizizng the knowledge of these laws can help us continue growth, and self realization.

The Law of Relativity

This law states that we will all receive a situation or series of problems for the sole purpose of brightening our “inner light.” This enable us to stay connected to our heart center when we embark on the mission of solving these said problems.  This law also helps us remember to not compare our problems or situations with others because we are all on different paths.  We don’t know what someone else’s journey is about. But we can rest assured that each and every one of ours is perfect, respectively.  It is human nature to compare, so if we must, we will be taught another lesson of perspective. No matter how terrible a situation may seem to us, there is someone somehwhere who has a situation far worse, therefore making it all relative.  No one will ever be given a situation in which they can not handle, as we already have the ability to handle it within us.  Similarly to the facts that you need not constantly seek for happiness because it already lies within you now.

Nobody is ever given a problem they will be unable to handle as we already have the ability to handle them. Do not spend your time looking for happiness from the outside as it already lies within you.

The Law of Polarity

This law states that everything is on a continuum and has a polar opposite. In order to appreciate the light, we are shown its contrast: darkness.  We can feel the differences in our emotions, and solid and liquid physical forms.  We have the ability to to suppress and change negative emotions by focusing on the opposite version of that emotion.

The Law of Rhythm

Everything in the universe vibrates and moves to a certain rhythm. The rhythm ensures seasons, cycles, patterns, and life stages.  Each cycle is a reflection of the regularity of the universe.  To master the Law of Rhythm you must learn to “go with the flow,” and embrace every part of the cycle. Even the low parts of a cycle will come to an end to make room for the new.

The Law of Gender

Everything in the universe has a feminine and masculine energies(Yin & Yang). As spiritual beings on this earth, we must realize the importance of balancing both energies.  We all need a little of both to become true co-creators with the divine and be in complete harmony with the universe.

The Best Gifts For Active Babes

The Best Gifts For Active Babes

With Black Friday being only a week away, I’ve compiled a few fabulous gift ideas for the active ladies in your life.  If your not into crowds, online shopping is the way to go! Most online retailers extend their offers though the entire week following Cyber Monday.  I love Amazon.  Their customer service is incredible, free two-day shipping, and a generous return policy.  Items like wireless headphones, speakers, hiking boots, designer layering pieces all make great gifts.  If you choose quality products from brands with lifetime warranty, you know the recipient will be satisfied for years to come. Quality > Quantity.