Call Of The Wild

Currently obsessing over the beautiful colors the changing seasons have to offer. Deep red, fiery orange, and Hawkeye gold paint the trees.  The cooler weather is perfect for rugged denim, long sleeve tees, sneakers, and military jackets.D3C5B1DC-1456-4630-9806-BD66CA7032A55A04644A-7320-43DB-8D38-F7DC3C0F001CEB274EA0-22F5-4B0B-A9CF-A1B313C7A6BCFor a true “boyfriend style” jean, I actually prefer to buy men’s jeans.  These are the ones I am wearing. You can also check out similar styles listed below. Checkered Vans are making a comeback! They are so simple, yet add a little edge to any outfit.

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