PFD’s + Why They Are So Important

No, not personal floatation devices! Although those are important too 🙂 Phone free dates! For some of us it’s hard to imagine, but yes I’m suggesting it! Schedule a date with your love that is completely phone free. Put your phones away in a different room, or leave them at home if you go out.

Cell phones are wonderful for communication and connection. However, many of us have grown so accustomed to using them that it’s second nature to just be mindlessly scrolling through social media or web browsing.

When we remove the “screen” from our reality we can re-connect at the meaningful level we are supposed to as humans. Gaze into each other’s eyes, have conversation and enjoy each other’s presence.

All we truly have in this life is the current moment. Phones and electronics can place us in an autopilot mode, or state of constant distraction. Connecting in the now with your partner is key to creating a lasting future with them. Show each other how much you matter to one another by dedicating your undivided attention at least one date night per week.

It will be an excellent reminder of why you are together in the first place. One of the best ways to create happiness for yourself is create happiness for another person. We all crave attention, and want to feel loved and important. Give your partner the love and attention they deserve by going phone free for just one night together!

My husband and I adopted this ritual when we first started dating in 2011. We were on a date and every single table surrounding us was occupied with couples sitting together, not saying a word, on their phones. We both looked at each other and made a promise that we would never end up like that.

Cell phones are great tools for communication, but can become problematic if overused. As with most things, moderation is key. Use them when you need to, but don’t fub your best friend! No text, meme, or article is worth ruining a relationship!

Much love,


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