Embrace The Present Moment

Cheers to the New Year everyone! 2019 was a year of self reflection for me, I spent a lot of time looking inward for answers. You may have noticed I didn’t post much in 2019, but I have come full circle and realized this space is one answer to a question I have been asking myself. How can I authentically be of service to others?

By sharing! Putting myself in a vulnerable position, stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing what I love with whoever wants to see! My goal by doing this is that I may inspire someone else to do the same, or learn something that may help them through their process.

So new year, new me right? Kind of, except I like to think of it as “same me,” just growing and learning, because everything we are, have been, and ever will be is inside of us now, we just have to remember!

The first step to reconnect with yourself, or do anything for that matter is to be completely immersed in the present moment. In this information age, we are constantly bombarded with information, from many different sources. This is a wonderful thing! We stay connected, learn quicker, and adapt well! The truth is it can also be distracting. In order to live out our divine personal truths we have to connect with our divine nature which can only be found in the “now” of our reality, because that is all there really is.

If this all seems a little too deep, fear not! Just focus on spending at least ten minutes a day alone with yourself. No phone, no music, no TV, no partner. Outside in nature is the best, but a quiet room will do. Don’t try and control your thoughts, just let them flow, and focus on breathing deep. Be completely present. This will help you connect with your authentic self, so you can live out your dreams exactly as you imagine.

Happy New Year, may we all see our purpose with 2020 vision 😉

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