Spring Clean Your Energy

Spring Clean Your Energy

Got a case of the blahs or blues? You may not be feeling yourself lately and it’s not your fault! Just as seasons cycle and shift throughout the year our energy within will too! Every season is important and serves its purpose in understanding the purpose of their counterparts. Contrast is key. We cannot fully understand something unless we learn its opposite. Think about the seasons we experience and start comparing them to your feelings throughout the year. This is not a coincidence. The more connected we remain during these transitions, the more we can experience peace in the presence of each season.

Winter is the hibernation and rest period in the cycle where energies chill or freeze and some may go dormant until spring. Sometimes the seasonal shifts can be overwhelming and daunting as things begin to change. As our inner energy begins to awaken and “thaw out” from the freeze of winter, we may feel uneasy because we have forgotten about issues or old energies that we “put on ice” while we rested during winter. This is perfectly normal as we begin the journey towards a season of change, and give life to new energies.

Spring brings new life and the birthing of transformative growth periods for our earth. It is also the perfect time for us to turn inward and reflect and take inventory of what’s necessary going forward and what we can clear out. Imagine spring cleaning your home and putting all of the old things that no longer serve a purpose in your life and packing them into garbage bags or containers and driving to goodwill to drop them off as a donation. This is a simple meditation practice you can employ by labeling each bag as something you would like to drop off from your experience. Once it has been donated it has a new cause and new purpose. I like to think of it as being “transmuted” into something more useful. Make a list of any mental “baggage” you are carrying around with you right now. The first step of getting rid of them is to acknowledge them. Acknowledge that they are part of your experience and then surrender to them as if they were a divine teacher of a lesson. The only way out of inner problems is through them. After we have surrendered and learned from our teachers, we can move forward and embrace the warmth and new energy of the season that has finally arrived in our favor. We have taken the time, done the work, and we are now a more refined version of ourselves. Nice work! 🙂

As we enjoy the pulse of new life that spring carries, it brings us full throttle into the warm exciting energies of summer. Everything is expanding. Possibilities seem endless, and we act on new opportunities and endeavors that spring has gifted us. Continue to maintain your inner garden by tending to your thoughts and energies. Continue to weed out negativity, and lessons that you have completed. Take advantage of the energy and spirit that this wonderful season brings and use it to your full advantage to set your future up for success.

Crisp autumn energy begins to create a new season for us. Things cool down, and allow us to turn inward and reflect on what we have created during spring and summer. We have done the work, enjoyed experiences, and basked in the warmth of our productive seasons provided for us. As we look back at what we have learned, we begin to look forward to the winter season, and prepare for rest. We use the warmth of what we have created in the past two seasons to keep us grounded and thriving as we enter slowly into the cold, yet comforting winter season.

Just as the seasons come full circle, as do we. Through ups and downs, highs and lows. Let us remember that nothing lasts forever- good or bad, and it’s all part of a cycle that serves its self for the greater good in the end.

Much Love,


Lighten Up! Tips To Stay Zen During The Holiday Season

Lighten Up! Tips To Stay Zen During The Holiday Season

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I take myself WAY too seriously. I get hyper-immersed in the grind: deadlines, appointments, shopping, cleaning, and other duties + obligations.

Around the holidays can be extra trying.  Often we find ourselves traveling, spending, and eating more than usual.

Due to the nature of our society, we are conditioned to stay busy and keep hustlin’ & bustlin’. However, it’s important to remember that we are human beings, not human doings.  We all inherently know this, but sometimes we stray from our true nature. 

First things first, IT’S OKAY! We are awfully hard on ourselves, so the first step to re-connecting is to forgive ourselves. Feeling bad about sloppy decisions or something we deem “bad,” is never going to help us move toward a better feeling place. 

If you catch yourself feeling overwhelmed or off-track, follow these steps in order to regroup, recharge, and re-align.

1: Forgive Yourself: You are doing the work that needs to be done and bettering yourself each and every day.  You are perfect, exactly as you are. You are right where you need to be.  No matter how “bad” things may seem, trust the journey, embrace the ups and downs, it’s just a ride.

2. Do Something For You: Although giving to others is very important, don’t undervalue the power of giving to yourself.  When you take care of yourself, you can better serve others.  You will only extend that level of  vibration to to others. Would you rather be at your highest vibe? (Love, Peace, Joy, Enlightenment) Or a mediocre or low vibe? (Sadness, Depression, Anger, Apathy) Hopefully it’s the first one 🙂 Take care of you! Set aside at least 20 minutes per day to do something you truly enjoy. Whether it be a hobby, project, bubble bath, or exercise.  Do something that lights your fire and helps you reconnect with your senses.

3. Lighten Up! It’s okay to be serious about achieving excellence in all your endeavors.  Don’t forget, that laughter is the best medicine.  Proven benefits of laughter include: relaxes the entire body, boosts the immune system, protects the heart, burns calories, releases endorphins, lightens anger’s load, may help you live longer. Need I say more?

Take breaks during this busy time of year to re-connect with yourself, stay in alignment, and laugh a little! It’s the season of joy! 

Love & Light



Books That Will Change Your Life Forever

Books That Will Change Your Life Forever

Do you ever wonder what you are doing here?

Do you worry about the future?

Do you question the meaning of life?

Do you have trouble understanding your purpose?

Do you want answers to these questions?

I highly recommend reading the Conversations With God series by Neale Donald Walsch.  My entire life I have been on the quest to finding the answers. I’ve often felt confused and misinformed.  After reading these, my perspective has been forever morphed.  

Even if you do not accept it as the truth, it will definitely help you discover a more defined version of your truth.

Law of Attraction & Your Body

Law of Attraction & Your Body

The Law of Attraction is one of the universal laws that we can utilize to our advantage in all aspects of our lives. We are the deliberate creators of our reality.  We each have our own set of struggles in this life.  For many, healthy body image and self love is one of them.

If you made it to this post, I have great news! Your are at a pivotal point in your self-growth and physical transformation.  There are no coincidences.  If you are brand new to this concept, welcome!  If you have studied this subject in the past, let this be a gentle reminder of what you already know.

The 3 key points I want to emphasize are: Request, Surrender, and Give Thanks.

Request:  Ask the universe for guidance in supporting your goals.  Be specific. Give details, don’t be timid.  Whatever you want.  Just ask!  The important part here is to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t.  The universe responds to the level of energies you have surrounding a subject, it doesn’t discriminate between positive and negative. Feel passion and excitement for where you are about to be.  The answer to your request will be granted in as little or as much time as you believe it will take to happen.  Have faith that it is going to happen.  You can even have the timeline be a part of your request. As long as you are clear, and focused when asking, your request will be granted.

Surrender:  The next step may feel unnatural at first, but it is completely necessary for your request to be granted.  As much as you may have focused on what you do not like about your body in the past, from this moment forward: LET GO.  You have made your request, now trust the universe to do it’s part.  If you continue to focus on the subject, you will slow the attraction, and push what you want further away.  Feeling the best you can feel at any given moment will accelerate the answer to your request.  The universe responds to your energy.  If you have ever heard “fake it ‘til you make it,” that applies here.  Act as though you have it, eventually it will become your reality. This leads to the third and final part of the equation, which is gratitude.

Give Thanks:  If you were granted your request right now, what would you do? This isn’t a trick question.  Maybe you would buy new clothes, walk a little more proud, or book a bikini photo shoot, but before any of that you would have extreme gratitude that your request has been answered.  This goes hand in hand with acting as though you already have it.  Thank the universe as often a you can for granting your request.  When you are filled with gratitude for what you do have, there is no room for thinking about what you lack.  This is the most powerful piece of the equation.  The more you are grateful, the more you will have to be grateful for.  Give thanks for other things in your life that are not related to your request. You have so many gifts, and you are perfect in this moment.  You are alive, you are working on being the best version of yourself that you can be. You are giving thanks for the many resources that are available to you for gaining new knowledge.  I believe in you, you should believe in you too!

This leads me to a final note:  Working on your “self” seems “selfish” at face value, but when we look at the bigger picture it is actually “selfless.”  When we feel our best and are filled with gratitude, we are more available to those around us.  We can serve others in the best way we know how because we are not letting our insecurities leak out and unknowingly affect others.

Think about one of the best days of your life, how did you feel? How were your interactions with others?  Things that come to mind for me are: smiling, exuding joy, willingness to help, feeling my light shining upon others.  On the flip side, during a bad day, I was not my best self. I complained to others, had cold interactions, was ignorant to the gifts given to me daily.  When we feel our best, we do our best.  Don’t be hard on yourself if you have a bad day, it is probably residual energy from past experiences. The main objective is to break the cycle by focusing on what you do want, surrendering to the universe, and giving thanks! Be the best version of yourself that you can be, so you can extend that version to others.  This high vibrational energy is contagious and will act as a catalyst for positive change in others as well.

Vibrational Frequency

Vibrational Frequency

After studying the universal laws for quite some time, I came across this excellent chart by David R. Hawkins.  It is clear, colorful, and very easy to understand. We can all heal our energy in this moment if we focus on moving up the vibrational scale one level from how we feel currently.  By focusing on where we want to be, rather than where we are it will give us the momentum we need to get where we are going.   On the flip side, never feel bad about where you are, that will not help your situation.  The Law of Polarity lets us know that it is perfectly normal to experience all emotions on this scale, because we wouldn’t know how great love and enlightenment feels if we didn’t know how its other end of guilt and shame.  Getting to the best vibrational frequency you can at any given time is the key to living a more zen life. 9CFD5F05-1D17-4C7D-932B-795922B346A5