Vibrational Frequency

After studying the universal laws for quite some time, I came across this excellent chart by David R. Hawkins.  It is clear, colorful, and very easy to understand. We can all heal our energy in this moment if we focus on moving up the vibrational scale one level from how we feel currently.  By focusing on where we want to be, rather than where we are it will give us the momentum we need to get where we are going.   On the flip side, never feel bad about where you are, that will not help your situation.  The Law of Polarity lets us know that it is perfectly normal to experience all emotions on this scale, because we wouldn’t know how great love and enlightenment feels if we didn’t know how its other end of guilt and shame.  Getting to the best vibrational frequency you can at any given time is the key to living a more zen life. 9CFD5F05-1D17-4C7D-932B-795922B346A5

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