Young Living Essential Oils

Hey babes!  I absolutely love Young Living Essential Oils! They have literally changed my life. I have learned by using the correct oils at the right times, to become more centered and in alignment with who I truly am.

I first learned what essential oils were at a yoga class, the instructor dabbed some sweet orange on our wrists and told us to set an intention for the class.  It was so uplifting and heightened the positive effects of the yoga during, and after the class.  I began researching different types of oils and what they could be used for.  I found out there is literally an oil for everything!

I picked up a few here and there at drugstores, salons, or online.  I continued to fall in love with them as I worked with them more often.  Then during one of our family holidays, I was telling my mother in law about how much I loved diffusing, and using essential oils.  She got super excited and ran to her cabinet and brought back a handful of Young Living Oils.  She was like “You HAVE to try these!.”  She gifted me some starter oils, and their amazing desk reference book.  After that, I joined Young Living with her as my sponsor and have never looked back.

The smell, consistency, and quality is worlds apart from other brands you can  purchase off the shelf at your local supermarket.  I am passionate about using quality oils and want to share this with you!

If you are curious about exploring Young Living click the link below and become a member with me as your sponsor!  I offer three free 1:1 coaching and discovery sessions.  Session one we will get to know each other, session two will focus on your personal wellness goals, and session three I will offer my recommendations based on our previous two sessions.

Become A Young Living Member With Me!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to leave me a message!

Love & Light


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